Oak Gardens Newsletter _ 10th May 2024

This week has been a whirlwind of activity for our teams on site. Our skilled Roofers have been hard at work, skillfully laying down the dorma tiles, ensuring not just functionality but also aesthetic appeal.

Meanwhile, significant progress has been made on the insulation front in Plot 8, with the majority now expertly installed. Additionally, one side of the walls has been meticulously plaster boarded, a task undertaken with precision by our dedicated Plaster Boarders.

The hum of productivity continues as our Plaster Boarders meticulously prepare two bedrooms for the next phase: plastering. Their dedication ensures that these spaces will soon transform into havens of comfort and style.

Meanwhile, our talented Plumber from @Finniesplumbing&heating has wasted no time, initiating work on the installation of the shower trays. Their expertise promises not just functionality but also a touch of luxury to enhance the overall experience of the space.