This week at Forest Edge, things are really speeding up.

Large kitchens and utility rooms are being fitted in plot 5 and 6 showing you the great space you will have to prepare food and entertain your guests in your new home.

Unique bathrooms and en-suites have been tiled with our large range of beautiful tiles purchased from junction 8 tile and stone abs fitted by Steve Baskerville our highly talented Tiler.

Individual choices are being made for each home keeping to a neutral palette suitable for everyone’s taste.

The staircases will arrive tomorrow for plots 5 and 6 and will be fitted on Monday.

Timber frames arrive tomorrow for plot 7 and 8 from lowfields

Entering the plots 5 and 6 under construction today I could envisage what these homes will be like to live in and the beautiful sunrooms that lead you from your kitchen/dining area into  the garden on hot day like today will be blessing.

The views of the forest are apparent from all the homes, giving you a sense of space and calm.

Plot 5 will be our first home available to be  purchased directly with ourselves

We envisage completion to be approximately October 2021

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This week our first two builds plot 5 and plot 6 have been tiled completely on the ground floor with exception of the lounge area.

Here you can see a selection of some of our tiles that we have chosen for our properties. All the tiles are of exceptional quality and style and will be fitted with exact precision.

Tiles have been purchased from Junction 8 tile and stone, and fitted by Steve Baskerville and his team.

The bathroom tiles have now been chosen and are currently been fitted, floor to ceiling.

Each bathroom has been hand chosen, type and colour of tile picked to ensure colour flows throughout the house.

Each shower is complimented with a recess for your toiletries, and jacuzzi baths fitted.  Baths are boxed and tiled in to create a smooth line.  Grohe showers are fitted throughout and 8 jet whirlpool baths – all fitted by Dylan Finnie Plumbing and Heating and his team.

This week the external builds of Plots 12 and 13 are taking shape. Internal works including plaster boarding are well under way in Plots 5 and 6.

Plot 5 has slightly taken the lead in terms of work in progress.

All internal rooms have been plastered, ready for tiling and painting to commence. Next week we will be able to give you a glimpse of the luxurious tiles that have been chosen and fitted by our skilled workmen.

These builds are fast becoming spacious beautiful homes.

As our Prestigious Forest Edge Development progresses, the first two homes are emerging and you can catch a glimpse of the beautiful four and five bedroom homes from the roadside.
You can truly get an idea of the size and the style of these properties now.
These homes are being built, using Imperial handmade bricks in reclamation shire blend. The bricks have undergone a special aging process to produce their characterful reclamation finish.
The impressive slate roof tiles on the plots facing the road have been salvaged from the Old Delamere School, that once stood on this site
Our experienced tradesmen have commenced internal works which includes underfloor heating throughout that is powered by Air Source Heat Pumps from Vaillant.

Each home will be fitted with Air source heat pumps, these have become a very popular choice for homeowners who would like to install renewable energy solutions in their home.

This form of heating is one of the most economical and eco-friendly heating solutions on the market. It will help homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint along with significantly reducing their heating bills.


Why we chose this Air Source Heat Pumps to heat our homes

The main advantage of air source heat pumps and boilers is that they safeguard homeowners against fluctuations in energy prices. They use the environment to generate 75% of the heating and hot water needs for your home.

These systems will give you a wonderfully toasty and efficient home and leave you much less vulnerable to the ever-rising costs of heating in your home.


WundaSmart Thermostat

Because we chose such an innovative heating supply, we needed to match it with an equally sophisticated thermostat. This system lets you set the temperature in any room or zone, giving you superior comfort and reduces your energy bills and emissions. You can use the WundaSmart app on your phone to control all your heating system.  Even with there is no internet there is no loss of service so you can continue controlling your heating with the manual controls or let the system carry on with its schedule.  Your data is stored in the system Hub and cannot be sold or analysed for advertising or data collection unlike some other system providers

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